Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bethany "Michael Bourn" Powell

We officially have a softball player in the house. Bethany is a Bearcat! I thought she would never stop passing a volleyball, but she wanted to try something new. I think that lately these are the times when I am most proud of her. She wanted to try something totally foreign to her, not knowing if she could catch or hit a ball. She runs into practices like she's known the team her whole life, and hustles the WHOLE time. (Even after a fall and a little blood on the knees) She is easily the youngest girl on the team. Right now, to me she is a coach's dream. She wants to learn and do her best--what more could you ask?
Saturday was her first practice with her team, and her first game. She stole lots of many that I called her Bethany Bourn (the past two years, Astro Michael Bourn has led the National League in stolen bases) all the way home :). She was up to bat twice and walked both times, the second time walking in the winning run. The bearcats are 1-0!

So hot after practice, but still smiling
YMCA team prayers
Getting a little advice from Dad (and Avery)
Ready to bat
This is where she informs us that she is a little afraid of the pitcher. I am guessing the pitcher was one of the older girls-most likely 12 years old.
Totally focused
This is where the coach is telling her that the pitcher is "throwing garbage". We have definitely moved into a more intense age...he doesn't really mix words with the girls.

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