Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Avery's rainbow party

March through June marks our super-busy birthday run. Avery, Taylor, Bethany, then Matt. So that leaves an emotional, spent mommy J. It is wonderful, though. I love to celebrate these precious gifts in my life.

Avery was first up. My little sassafras turned 5! She is practically running out the door toward Kindergarten. She is such a strong little thing, yet very tender at the same time. I am curious to see how she does in school, because she does not like the spotlight. She comes across as timid and frail…just until she doesn’t get her way. Then she becomes about 7 feet tall. I love that she is so small, yet so spunky. She truly defines “Sugar & Spice”.

Avery asked for a rainbow party, so that’s what she got. It was pretty impromptu; I planned it in a few days. Our friends were so sweet to come at the last minute. We invited her buddies over to the park behind our house on a Friday at four, so big sis could be there. The weather was great, just windy enough to keep us cool. We had rainbow cupcakes (here’s where I got the idea), rainbow colored snacks, rainbow balloons, and rainbow favors. It was almost as bright and pretty as my Avery Faith.

The bday girl The daddy’s girl

Sweet sisters

With her Gram With her Nana Z

My Taylor, Bethany, & Avery Buddies

Shiner was a good boy fruit, skittles, trix, cupcakes

She hides from the bday song every year icing mustache

Sweet Brooke Bestie Kinley

Precious Peyton Lovely Fiorella

Cole, T’s “brother-from-another-mother” B and Joshua’s winning smile

Kimberly and Danna~check out her shoes! She had a blast opening presents

This is when I take a sec to mourn. The Olivers and the Appels are moving. L We will miss them SO much! Love you guys!!!

Rainbow Favors Taylor has been waiting for this moment

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Gene said...

What a beautiful family.