Monday, September 20, 2010

Avery hits the Gym

This summer, Avery switched to a morning class at Champions. I was shocked to see an old family friend as her new instructor. Avery has always been our little bitty, shy, frail teeny girl. Gymnastics has made her stronger and more confident. It has been fun to watch! I feel like her class is Katy's best kept secret. Her instructor is a great guy with years and years of experience, and her classmates have basically all gone to preschool. Today she was by herself-instant private lesson!

The pictures are strange and the video is like watching old movies-no sound. I took them on my iPhone though, pretty impresive!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"I had the best time of my life!"

Those are some sweet words! Bethany loved her first volleyball practice. She was in her element. Which is so fun to see because I think it has been her element for a while now, but she is just old enough to play. I love to watch this girl play.

Excited, not excited...

This morning gave us our first taste of Fall. We didn't even sweat on our way to and from the bus stop! The girls were pretty excited about the cool morning air-I was ecstatic. I even thought about going on an unscheduled run. Excited about the Fallish air, but not excited about the dad that celebrated by not wearing a shirt to the bus stop. What in the world? When he got out of his car, Avery hid behind me. You can imagine her embarrassment since to her if a man wears no shirt, he is naked.

Taylor was so excited to wear his monkey pajamas to bed last night. These jammies were a gift from the Ortiz family before he was born. They are size 12 months, Taylor is size 24 months. He will not be excited the day that they refuse to be worn. Neither will I.

I am always excited when Avery drinks through a straw. Let me explain. Avery has many "little girly" traits that I am holding onto. I am thinking that she will let some of them go any day now. She has a silly little way of talking. For instance, Bethany's volleyball team is called the Thunder, but if you ask Avery, they are the Funder. I. Love. It. Here is another example...
I know it's hard to see (like impossible), but Avery has a unique way to drink with a straw. Her tongue is always outside of her mouth. Sounds strange, but I love it. I am dreading the moment I look over and she drinks like everybody else. Not excited that changes are around the corner, but so excited to watch God develop my kids. I am spending many moments lately hanging onto my munchkins. Savoring every little thing.

Tonight is Bethany's very first volleyball practice. Excited!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Stay Little

Joy's Hope is cute blog that is definitely worth stalking. This post hit home with me today. Really, it's where I live everyday. This morning, the girls and I walked to the bus stop, just like most mornings. As they stopped to touch the "sleeping grass", I was a little overwhelmed. Their fascination with the grass made them seem so young, but visually they seemed so grown up. Bethany is nine, and super close to losing some of her naivety about life. Avery is 4, and super close to dropping the silly little way she talks. I am so excited to have a front row seat at this show. They are precious little women, and I feel so undeserving to get to shepherd them. And more than that, I feel thankful.
We were almost back home, and I told Avery that she is so pretty and so grown up. She said, "I will just stay little." I told her that God made us to grow up, and that a long time ago I was little like her. She said, "Well then I will just stay your angel." Deal.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a great run yesterday!

I was hoping to get attention from friends and family with that title. I rarely (as in never) use the words "great" and "run" together. I am getting better about it, but I think it is really just because the weather is changing. I am probably not changing. :) is something weird that you don't know about me. When I am out and about and see someone running, sometimes I pray for them. Especially if the runner looks like they are struggling, I'll ask God to give them strength and use the run to make them healthier. Strange, I know, but I assume some people don't like running either, but like me do it for the convenience and alone time.

So as I was running jogging yesterday, the streets were busy. Kids were arriving home from school, parents were out and about. It was warm, the Garmin was (still) dead, and I had no iPod. I asked God if anyone ever prayed for me while I was running. I am pretty sure He laughed with me.

Not a minute later, I hear (out loud), “You go girl, you’re doing good!” For. Real. I look up and there is a man sitting on his tailgate with a little boy. I thanked him and asked him to meet me on the next block and repeat himself. He didn’t. That would have been creepy, so that’s ok.

I laughed with God the rest of the way home.

BTW, I used in lieu of the Garmin. Good tool.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

His second first love...

The first love was me, the second first love is this guitar. Taylor, Avery and I were strolling around the toy dept at Walmart yesterday and Taylor spotted these:
I couldn't even figure out what he was begging for. We were several aisles away, but the boy can spot a guitar out of nowhere. It is in his blood-his dad was a guitar major at SWT (not TX ST @ SM). I let him play with the demo, and was humiliated when he acted like I had abducted him when I took it away. I am so glad I took some pre-freak out video. It was love at first jam session.
He was so happy to get home last night. He had a date with his second first love.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun with the the iPhone 4

I ordered the free iPhone 4 case just so I can do this:
The added bonus is that you get to visit the best-named-blog in all of the world. Ever.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Picture Day 2010

I wonder if my high school friends are thinking the same thing I am when it comes to school picture day. Every year, the same man came and controlled picture day with his booming voice. Just think small hallway, all tile, and a wiry guy shouting "Make your checks out to Provine School Pictures!!" Emphasis on the "aaaahhhiiieeenn" in Provine. We thought he was hysterical, although we couldn't look directly at him because we were busy wincing.Well, Bethany is having her own Provine School Picture Day today. She looked so pretty, so old!

You know little Avery wanted in on the action :).