Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Avery's Kindergarten Orientation

Say it ain't so!!! I cannot believe that KISD wants to take my little Avery to school in the Fall. I mean, I can believe it because she is precious...but how is it time already?!? I put on my big girl britches, and was 10 minutes early to her orientation, but I didn't bring Avery with me. They told me that the kids were getting to go back to the classrooms, and I knew that I needed to run home and grab her. I'm SO glad I did.
I know her eyes are closed, but I needed to show you this picture so you will agree with me that she may be too little for school ;). Oh, and that she is wearing the zebra print flip flops that she got from the Welch family in the mail. Today. My child loves fashion coordination. Did you see her bday party outfit (esp the shoes, that were also from the Welch fam)?
Self - portrait
This is when they told the kids to walk over toward all the teachers and leave with them. Without mom. She looked back no less than 3 times. This is when I began to tear up. When we arrived at the school, Avery asked me if Mrs. Milliman would be her teacher. Mrs. Milliman is Bethany's current teacher, whom I adore. I so wish she would still be teaching one of mine next year. She is such a blessing!! I had just told Avery that she would not have Mrs. M, when she looks up and spots her. Mrs. M was there to help out in the classrooms. I was relieved!
When Avery went back with the kids, I had nearly lost it. Watching my little girl sloooooowly walking away, and knowing she was scared was nearly too much. Mrs. Milliman walked through that crowd and took Avery by the hand. Be still my heart. Did I mention how I love this teacher?!?
This pretty lady with my pretty lady is Mrs. Jenkins, who happens to have been my Elementary School librarian. I know. Great, right? It was at a different school, in the late eighties. Greatness!
This is our fearless, and sweet principal, Mrs. Fleming. Who also obviously has great fashion sense.

It was unexpectedly a special orientation. I am starting to believe that it was more important for me than for Avery. I feel like the Lord gently reminded me that time is fleeting, and my babies are growing. She said that they did school, except for recess...and with no homework. It is bittersweet to send your kids to school, but exciting to know that you are sending a blessing-one of your greatest blessings-into the world to be a light. I know this little, sweet and sassy lady is going to bless their socks off!


EventZ said...

OK I read this and have been crying for the last 20 minutes. It was so well written and so sweet. It brought back all the memories of me watching you leave that first year and wanting so much to turn back time. I was a basket case from the moment you let go of my hand. You wanted so much to go until we got to the door. You were as tiny, feisty and scared as Avery. It was half a day back then, so I only went home for about 2 hrs and was back waiting long before you were due out. You obviously didn't miss me as much as I missed you as you came running but with a big smile. Those memories are as clear to me today as they were then. I can't turn back time, but history is repeating and I am so blessed to be a Nana. Thank you for sweet, little Avery who can be so you!

Traci Michele said...

Our little girl and first born is going to Kindergarten in the Fall! Where has time gone?

Hey there! Just found your blog... nice to connect with you! Visit me sometime?