Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pokemon and the Bible???

This AM, as Bethany, her friend Jake, and I rode to school, he informed us that if he did well at school today, his dad would buy him some Pokemon cards. I asked him what he did with those and he said that he traded them with his friends. I told him I didn't get it. So, I asked Bethany what she and her dad read about this AM, and she said Daniel. Jake wanted to know who Daniel is, so Bethany explained the story to him. She went on about how our virtue of the month is courage. Jake said, "What's courage? Like when you need to tell somebody what to do?" Bethany told him-I helped this time-that it's our virtue of the month at church-Being brave enough to do what you should even when you're afraid. He said, "See, Bethany doesn't understand my Pokemon cards, just like I don't understand the Bible." Then I just sat back and beamed as Bethany explained the story of Daniel and how he trusted God-what a sweet drive to school!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Little Piddles

I love to surf blogs! I have recently found a cute one-Little Piddles. The blogger has aPiddles sweet online store of precious clothing and accessories for the little ones in our lives. Go take a look and enjoy all the eye candy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

So thankful God still does miracles!

I woke up this AM with such a grateful heart! Although it was much longer and much more complicated than expected, Jackie's surgery was a success. In Dr. Fraser's words, "her heart is happy". How precious is that?!? She still has a long recovery ahead of her, so please, continue to pray. Her parents are still updating her Care Page, so keep checking in. Thanks for standing in the gap for the Smiths!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Baby Jackie's Care Page

Here is a link to Baby Jacqueline's care page. It is an easy way to stay updated on her progress and know how to pray for The Smiths.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Update on Baby Jackie

I talked to Jackie's mom, Amy, yesterday morning. It has been a stressful weekend, to say the least. Jackie is being monitered for sleep apnea-she can "forget" to breathe. But, it seems like the main concern right now is Jackie's IVs. They are having trouble keeping them in, and one of them is particularly important. It supplies medicine that keeps the hole(s) in Jackie's heart open until surgery. Speaking of-the surgery has now been moved to Wednesday. Please keep praying, and I will keep this site updated!