Monday, April 4, 2011

Shiner update, 21 weeks

Matt and Shiner have been working SO hard! I am very proud of both of them :). Shiner definitely has the commands "sit", "down", "here", "heel", "kennel", "drop", "okay" (as a release command), and "no sir" down pat. He can also wait to retrieve until you say "Shiner". This will be key when there are several dogs around in the field. He has now started to figure out Matt's hand signals. You can see in the last video, that Matt uses his left hand to show Shiner the direction to run for the dummy (in this case a paint roller). Right after I stopped filming, Matt threw two dummies in two different directions, and Shiner chose the correct one by watching Matt's hand signal. Pretty great for 21 weeks old! He also lost his first tooth (we think the first) today, but I'll spare you the pic.

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