Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Introducing Shiner Powell

We have a new baby at the Powell house! He has four legs, is eight weeks old, and weighs 12 lbs. Matt has been "stalking" a lab breeder just outside of Waco since November. If you are looking for a wonderful family pup, check out Paloma Labs. Shiner's parents are pictured on the "Litters" page. Our little tank of a black lab was born on November 6th. Shiner will be Matt's hunting companion, the kids' playpal & partner in crime, and my newest snuggle buddy. Tucker has been busy showing him who is boss, and we have been busy ensuring Tucker that he is still so loved. Kona treats him with lots of dirty looks (just like she treats the kids :) ). Shiner is SO laid back! If he has a nap in mind, the only thing that wakes him up is Tucker walking in the room. He is pretty desperate for Tucker to love him. I can't wait until they can establish their relationship and play. Shiner has only been in our home since Sunday night, but we are so smitten already!

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