Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a great run yesterday!

I was hoping to get attention from friends and family with that title. I rarely (as in never) use the words "great" and "run" together. I am getting better about it, but I think it is really just because the weather is changing. I am probably not changing. :)

Anyways...here is something weird that you don't know about me. When I am out and about and see someone running, sometimes I pray for them. Especially if the runner looks like they are struggling, I'll ask God to give them strength and use the run to make them healthier. Strange, I know, but I assume some people don't like running either, but like me do it for the convenience and alone time.

So as I was running jogging yesterday, the streets were busy. Kids were arriving home from school, parents were out and about. It was warm, the Garmin was (still) dead, and I had no iPod. I asked God if anyone ever prayed for me while I was running. I am pretty sure He laughed with me.

Not a minute later, I hear (out loud), “You go girl, you’re doing good!” For. Real. I look up and there is a man sitting on his tailgate with a little boy. I thanked him and asked him to meet me on the next block and repeat himself. He didn’t. That would have been creepy, so that’s ok.

I laughed with God the rest of the way home.

BTW, I used MapMyRun.com in lieu of the Garmin. Good tool.

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