Thursday, September 16, 2010

Excited, not excited...

This morning gave us our first taste of Fall. We didn't even sweat on our way to and from the bus stop! The girls were pretty excited about the cool morning air-I was ecstatic. I even thought about going on an unscheduled run. Excited about the Fallish air, but not excited about the dad that celebrated by not wearing a shirt to the bus stop. What in the world? When he got out of his car, Avery hid behind me. You can imagine her embarrassment since to her if a man wears no shirt, he is naked.

Taylor was so excited to wear his monkey pajamas to bed last night. These jammies were a gift from the Ortiz family before he was born. They are size 12 months, Taylor is size 24 months. He will not be excited the day that they refuse to be worn. Neither will I.

I am always excited when Avery drinks through a straw. Let me explain. Avery has many "little girly" traits that I am holding onto. I am thinking that she will let some of them go any day now. She has a silly little way of talking. For instance, Bethany's volleyball team is called the Thunder, but if you ask Avery, they are the Funder. I. Love. It. Here is another example...
I know it's hard to see (like impossible), but Avery has a unique way to drink with a straw. Her tongue is always outside of her mouth. Sounds strange, but I love it. I am dreading the moment I look over and she drinks like everybody else. Not excited that changes are around the corner, but so excited to watch God develop my kids. I am spending many moments lately hanging onto my munchkins. Savoring every little thing.

Tonight is Bethany's very first volleyball practice. Excited!!!

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Anonymous said...

My life is ever so much happier and blessed because God gave me the most precious grandchildren ever. No matter how tired or how low I might feel, one word from them - "Nana" - brightens my whole world. I agree with their Mom on the "growing up too fast" idea, as I see her in the eyes of her children, and she is still my little angel, always, God just blessed me by adding to the chorus 3 more.