Monday, February 7, 2011

Cazadora Ranch

We have some friends that have quickly become family to us. Their actual family has a ranch wwwaaaayyyyy down in South Texas. Seriously. You can spit into Mexico. The Willinghams invited us on down to Cazadora Ranch, so we let Bethany skip school and we headed south. I am blessed because we did. There were smores, campfires, horseback riding, golf cart driving, playground playing, a goat rodeo, fishing, arrowhead hunting...I could go on! We were blessed beyond measure. Like our friend Daniel was what you call sitting around and doing nothing. Perfect :). And just what we needed.

Scarlett, Taylor, and Cole ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kinley, Scarlett, Cole, and Taylor

Taylor enjoying dirt~~~~~~~~~~~~~Avery and one of the new kittens

Kinley and Cole~The girl loves to pose ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~See Danna on the left? Kinley, Bethany and Honey, and Avery

Cole was SO gentle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bethany and the kitten

Shiner sunnin'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shiner and Bailey Willingham

Avery, Cole, and Bethany fishin' for nothin'~~~~~~~~~~~Bethany is in love with Scarlett, Kinley huggin' her

Me and Kimberly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Campfire smores with dad

Avery hangin' out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Avery's first driving lesson

Avery in a tree-who woulda thought?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A goat rodeo

Sweet Shiner boy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cole and Taylor "fixin" the fence

Everyone got a ride ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bethany and Willie
Sweet boys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~These girls love each other!
We found some paint!~~~~~~~~~~~Shiner jumped out of a boat and had his first swim!

So many arrowheads! Even a badge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~These boys had a mini-reunion every time they woke up :)

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